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Down Range Baby Tactical Baby bags were created by Officer Jeff Shepard. "After my son Burke was born I found myself carrying an arsenol of diapers, baby bottles, entertainment and binkies. I often found myself re-purposing my ammo bags for work as a police officer to replace the limited selection of diaper bags that were available to purchase and eventually manufactured a custom bag of my own. Military accessories are made to respond fast and the quality is extremely durable as well as having many organized compartments. 


Other dad's were often asking to see my gear and wondered where I purchased it. When I told them I created it myself I was constantly being asked to sell them. I eventually designed a tactical Baby Bag for mass production. 


I have found being a dad is probably the single most important job I have ever had and easily the one I love most. Being a father is masculine and I am proud to be creating products that make other fathers feel strong instead of the other products available that are emasculating and often poor quality. DRB creates gear you can continue to use after your baby outgrows it.


"Our Success with Down Range Baby comes from a place of Pride and the ability to appeal to the many fathers playing an active role in the development of their children." 




Officer Jeff Shepard


Down Range Baby

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