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We can place Illuno in large lettering of our custom built SEMA Truck and trailer which will be the face of our tour for officer wellness. The vehicle will be strategically placed in the backdrop of all press conferences that take place. Almost all media coverage is scheduled on the property of the country's most visible and largest police and fire departments in major cities. Illuno will be able to utilize this content in their own branding , social media platforms and collateral pieces. 



New brands being introduced into the market, with the tour we can help to attract visibility, logo recognition and align the Illuno brand with first responders and support and protect them. The brand will also be part of one of our builds which is historically the only first responder build placed with one of the most popular and trend setting booths at SEMA. DUB Magazines LFTD & LVLD showcases the hottest brands in the industry.  The Truck will also be featured at other special events including Daytona Truck Meet, Triggrcon and possibly SHOT SHOW depending on Vaultek who is one of our largest and most dedicated sponsors. 



Over the past several years we have cultivated genuine relationships on the inside corporate chain of police and fire departments. These friendships have been based on an authentic concern for first responders and upholding and preserving their safety and wellness during and after their service. These highly coveted connections are one of the most important assets of our tour and we feel deeply committed as ambassadors to extend these relationships to the companies who make this tour possible. We are also happy to work with partners strategically and do our best to access and locate specific officer roles that may benefit their brands and make those connections on behalf of our intention to serve 



Last year a shocking 358 police officers were killed in the line of duty and 171 committed suicide. Our first responders need us and they need us now. Firefighters had 96 of their own killed while on duty and on a typical year studies show more first responders die by suicide than while on duty. Your investment in this campaign is a heroic commitment to addressing the support needed to protect our protectors. When an officer struggles they are faced with fear and stigma that is often removed when departments speak openly and make promises in front of the media and their community to uphold an officers privacy and ability to seek help without judgment or getting fired. The officers inside these departments see Ride 4 Relief as the outside alliance standing for them. 



Ride 4 Relief receives a landslide of publicity worth thousands of dollars. Our charity utilizes seasoned expert publicists to craft media submissions and orchestrate media outreach in partnership with the local departments for each city's media network franchises. 



RIDE 4 RELIEF can create social media content in both images and videos with first responders on the tour. For our key sponsors we produce strategic media pre planned with our partners that helps their brand come to life and captures unique content. We will create a social media calendar with partners to produce a specific amount of expected content. 



Our Partners have generously provided gifts we leave with departments to thank them for participating. This is an opportunity that our partners can select. In the past companies like Black Rifle Coffee company provided giveaways which were very popular. Some ideas are Tees and hats. 

We will be making a postcard that has all of the vehicle partners and sponsors that can be distributed to people we meet along the way and at SEMA. A larger poster board will also be featured at all shows. 



Share our collective audience, all posts on social media will unite all of the brands who cooperated to make the 2021 Tour possible. This community of the most desirable auto brands and hottest tactical brands will be sharing content together. 



The collective accumulation of visual evidence and story will begin to create the assumption that Illuno is already engaged and serving police departments nationwide. 



R4R will help create a collateral repertoire that will influence potential partnerships being nurtured for enrollment. The cumulative content will build powerful unspoken value for illuno, identifying them as a brand whose actions speak louder than words. Future partners will find comfort in this unspoken messaging before they ever speak to you. 



Is a former firefighter and police officer. He is an ambassador who has made many personal sacrifices and investments in his career and partners with companies he can fully be an ambassador for and represent. He is one of them and he is beginning your brand to these departments with the best of integrity.



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